Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Top 5 Wednesday (#1): Top 5 Books You Struggled To Finish

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Look! Another Meme! With Lists! Are we seeing a pattern here? No? Ok, just me then.

This meme of awesomeness is created by gingerreadslainey! To see the full list of awesome fantastic participants, please go here.

This weeks topic is: Top 5 books you struggled to finish.

I read over 500 pages of this and then set it aside for about 2 years! I only very recently finished this, and only because I wanted it off my TBR pile. I love anything zombie, but this book got too political for me...

I ended up really liking this book. I just found it a bit slow in the beginning. Once I pushed through though, I got addicted :P.

This was not my favourite. I did like it, but that was about it. The subject matter is really difficult, and considering the premise, not much happens...

This is another book I liked, but nothing more. It took me forever to read this as I never really got very invested in that characters, and found parts of it quite boring.

The last book in the trilogy. I did end up really liking it, but I struggled with the maturity (or lack thereof) of the characters. As 16/17-year-olds they were often less mature than Harry Potter at age 11 :P.

So there you go! That was my list. What books would you include in this list? Did you participate in Top 5 Wednesday this week? If so, please leave a link and I'll be sure to check out your list! :)

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